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Before visiting, we recommend having a design ready – try to avoid intricate details or photorealism. Alternatively, explore @tutugether_album on Instagram to choose from our collection. We’ll project your design onto a canvas of your chosen size for easy tracing. Each tufting customer will receive a class and practice session to ensure they are well-prepared before starting. Once you’ve finished tufting, we’ll apply backing and trim your rugs beautifully for you to take home.

We recommend a minimum age of 13 years old to do tufting independently.

It depends on the size, design complexity, and skill level. Typically, a small one takes 2-3 hours, a medium one 3 hours or so, and a large rug around 5 hours. Larger sizes like X-Large and Mega could take up to a day or two.

Of course! But please note that we usually don’t accept continued reservations on weekends and holidays. Please call +1(480)699-4849 to make a reservation for an ongoing project. For small to large rugs, one continuation session is free, and for X-large and mega rugs, two sessions are free. Beyond that, a $15 setup fee will apply per session.

In most cases you can! For xLarge or mega rugs, we might ask you to return for pickup, depending on the situation.

Yes, but we won’t recommend over two people working on one piece together. We could provide maximum two tufting guns for one rug.



For pouring art, you’ll pour acrylic paint over figures or canvases, letting the colors flow and blend into unique and abstract patterns. You could pick as many colors as you need, but we recommend 3-4 for the best results.

Pouring is simple, straightforward, and kid-friendly! The whole process takes about 30-40 minutes.

Typically no. It takes at least 1-2 days for the acrylic paint to dry. Therefore, pouring figures or paintings usually need to stay in the store to dry for a few days before pickup. However, mini to large poured figures can be packed for same-day take-home for an additional $3 per figure. Xlarge figures and paintings have to be dried in the store and picked up later. We hold items for up to one month for pickup 

Decoden art


We have all iPhone models starting from iPhone7. Sadly we don’t have any android phone models. Please feel free to bring your own phone case to decorate. The price will stay the same.

Yes, basically any item made of suitable materials can be decorated. Pricing is based on the size of the decorable area.

Yes, we use a heat gun to dry your project upon completion, making it dry enough to take home. However, please wait a few more days for the cream to fully harden and dry before using it.



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